Refuse/d words built into infinite forms of bodies. This collection is unedited; done in one sitting; sometimes daily, frequently infrequent.

Friday, October 21, 2011


"The sands whispered, Be separate,
the stones taught me, Be hard.
I dance, for the joy of surviving,
on the edge of the road." ---Stanley Kunitz  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

V. (shoel)

The sliver of shaded dirt
where people wait
and waiting remain speaking
through their aching dreams.

In cycles, the moon is cold
on their limbs, their faces;
Not quite the day-night
but still time
moving like a sifting sea coast.

There is only dulled feelings,
opiates in stilled bloodstreams
a canonized set of sweet sense,
the only remnants of living.

No more names under the world
the heaviness of hurtling matter
through forever is constant
and silent-- our shadows slip
in between the earth and our fingernails,
the half-moon scratchings
of children in the dirt.